Saturday, October 20, 2007

How To Act The Way You Should

  • Action is a product of a will.
  • Your will comes from what is your purpose.
  • Your purpose is what you are created for.
  • A product can best be put to use by the creator/manufacturer.
  • The producer may not go everywhere his product goes.
  • But to represent him on how to maximize the product is his manual.
  • To perfect the use of a product you have to understand the manual, you need a guide on the meaning of terms.
  • The guide must be well explained to put right through.
  • You ask questions where you don't understand.
  • A need arise from accurate self-discovery.
  • You discover yourself by searching.
  • You can only search when in a familiar place.
  • You can be familiar with a place you live, worked, schooled, etc.
  • For a thing to learnt it has to exist.
  • For a thing to exist it must have lived before.
  • Your will must align with your faith for you to act right.
  • You act right by following suit with your purpose.
  • Your purpose is best-known to your producer.
  • Your producer can not come to or appear to you physically, so He has inspired the writing of a manual, the Bible.

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